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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Noob Crew vs. Eye of Cthulhu Terraria with Video

Welcome to the first in a series of adventures in Terraria. Let me introduce you to the Noob Crew. We are Troa Antcr aka Troa Tony, the camera man, Troa's Cupcake or Death aka LittleBunnyFooFoo, the bunny mage, and Antcr's Mom aka Pixie, the new recruit.

On our expedition to a floating island we got caught off guard by the Eye of Cthulhu. LittleBunnyFooFoo afraid of breaking a nail used her Magic Mirror to teleport home where she proceeded to hide underground leaving myself (Troa Tony) and Pixie to fend for ourselves. After a valiant attempt the two of us perished. To prepare for our next battle we constructed an arena using wood platforms and candles for light. We then journeyed into the underground jungle looking for lost treasure to aid us in our rematch verses the dreaded eye. After completing gold armor sets and Thorn Chakrums using materials found in the underground jungle we were ready for the final showdown with the Eye of Cthulhu.

Here is the video evidence of our vengeance.

Please leave comments or questions below and thank you for viewing.

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