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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Noob Crew vs Skeletron Terraria w/ Video

The Noob Crew is back with a thirst for blood... well marrow in this case.  If you missed any of the previous Noob Crew action please check out our older posts or go to our youtube channel.

The world's surface had been completely explored but there was one place we never dared enter. Rumors said that the dungeon is a scary place where the bones of its former prisoners come to life to destroy any who enter. Worst of all if you do not lift the curse and still attempt to enter the dungeon, the guardian will see to it that you meet your end very soon. An old man sits at the doors to the dungeon warning explorers of the dangers and waiting for the day that heroes come to lift the curse. It was his lucky day. We passed on his offer many times before but after our victories over The Eye of Cthulhu and The Eater of Worlds we had a new found confidence. To prepare we made a small arena, flattened a surface near the dungeon and placed a row or two of wood platforms for mobility. All that was left was to wait for the sun to set. After speaking to the old man, Skeletron wasted no time and began his assault right away. The pressure was on because we only had till the end of the night before Skeletron reached maximum power and could unleash his ultimate attack wiping us out instantly. Thankfully it never got to that point. After defeating Skeletron the old man joined our cause and is helping us out as a clothier. Now we can pioneer the dungeon with out the dungeon guardian sending us to an early grave, however there are still many danger within.

Watch the battle for yourself here and please post comments, questions, and suggestions in the comment section of the blog or on our youtube channel. Thanks for stopping by!