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Community Spotlight

A collection of awesome hand made items and fan art inspired by video games!

Health and Mana Potion Perfumes
Health and Mana Potion Perfumes. Visit this item's site: CLICK HERE.
You can have a cute hate like Teemo! Visit their site: CLICK HERE

A felt hat inspired by Fizz! Visit this item's shop: CLICK HERE

A super cute Cottontail Teemo phone charm. Visit this item's site: CLICK HERE 

A collection of makeup inspired by League of Legends. Visit the site: CLICK HERE

A murloc hat!! Visit their site: CLICK HERE
A wonderful collage of League of Legends champions. Click image for full size. I found it HERE

If you know of any awesome fan creations that you would like featured here e-mail us at: troagaming at gmail dot com.

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