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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

League of Legends Cosplay

Whether is epic or downright embarrassing cosplay is always fun! I recently found this site:

They have a HUGE collection of cosplay photos garenteed to entertain you and give you many costume ideas!

The Ahri cosplay is beautiful!
The Heimerdinger cosplay is hilarious!
The Teemo cosplay is super cute!
The Orianna cosplay is freaking sweet!

So, who would you cosplay as? I could see Antcr and I as King Tryndamere and Queen Ashe! Or maybe Annie and Tibbers! Haha.

Enjoy these neat cosplay photos.

Epic... yet... embarrassing. =P
Truthfully, they are all wonderful and the creativity that goes into each costume is impressive.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Gamer Cat

Pro Gamer* Tip:
Increase your skills by getting a Gamer Cat! Gamer Cats are garenteed to raise your rating/ranking/elo/skills in just one month!**

What is a Gamer Cat?
A Gamer Cat is a pet cat owned by a person who plays video games.

How it works:
Gamer cats, or "cats" if you like, will bug you while playing video games. They will crawl all over your keyboard, demand pettings and cuddlings and attempt to sit in your lap even if there is no space. After a while this helps improve your multitasking skills while also training you to better deal with distractions which is a valueable skill for when you are in the chaos of professinal competetive gaming!

Where do I get a Gamer Cat?
At your local animal shelter!

"I raised my elo by 1000 in just one week after getting my Gamer Cat."***
 - Sum Gaimyr

"Ever since getting my Gamer Cat I haven't lost a single PVP match!"****
 - Ana Liare

Both Antcr and I (Cupcake or Death) have our own gamer cats and we have both seen dramatic improvement in our gaming abilities... although that could just be from practice.

Possible allergic reactions.
Destroyed furntiture.
You may lose game time to chasing your cat around trying to take funny pictures of it to put on the internet.
Cats often type embarrassing miss-spelled things into chat while you are gaming.

*We are not exactaly what you would call "pro."
**This has not been tested for accuracy.
***Results not typical.
****Not possible.

Browse our Gamer Cat page for kitty cuteness!

Do you have your own personal Gamer Cat? Share your comments below!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Hello and welcome to our blog!

I'm going to give you a little quickie introduction and then probably come back later and edit it with photos and other fun stuff.

About us: 
TROA Gaming is ran by a couple that loves all things video games! This couple includes: Antcr (the guy) and Cupcake or Death (the girl).

What will be on this site?

 We will be doing a lot of different things here:
  • First Impressions videos/reviews of different games
  • Newbie guides for different games
  • League of Legends Skin Showcases
  • Gaming Moments Highlights videos
  • Community fan creation spotlights
  • Guest Posts
  • and much more!
We also have a GIVEAWAY planned! Once we have a lot of support (followers) we will be hosting a giveaway to celebrate! So spread the word, tell your friends and make this happen!

Where you can find us on the web:
E-mail: troagaming at gmail dot com

Thanks for reading! We hope to start entertaining you soon!