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Monday, August 20, 2012

Noob Crew vs. The Eater of Worlds Terraria with Video

Welcome back to the Noob Crew chronicles. If you missed the 1st post it can be found here. Now on with the tale.

After a strong victory over the Eye of Cthulhu the crew was eager for the next challenge. After some research we learned that the Eater of Worlds was our next target. This creature can be summoned by two methods: breaking 3 shadow orbs or crafting an item called worm food while you are in the corruption. We chose the later since we did not have the proper tools to break through the ebonstone in order to get to most of the orbs we came across. Also there was a cavern in our corruption that went deep underground that contained a demon alter, necessary to craft the worm food. All we needed now was the rotten chunks and vile powder. Those were simple enough to gather just diced up a few Eater of Souls and chopped down some vile mushrooms along our path. The last step was building our arena. Finding the right place was tricky with all that ebonstone but we came across a hillside in the corruption that was made completely of dirt which we could dig through. We were all set to crush this over sized worm.

Hope you enjoy the video and feel free to leave any comments or questions below

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