Videos, First Impressions, Skin Showcases, Community Spotlight and much more coming soon!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Hello and welcome to our blog!

I'm going to give you a little quickie introduction and then probably come back later and edit it with photos and other fun stuff.

About us: 
TROA Gaming is ran by a couple that loves all things video games! This couple includes: Antcr (the guy) and Cupcake or Death (the girl).

What will be on this site?

 We will be doing a lot of different things here:
  • First Impressions videos/reviews of different games
  • Newbie guides for different games
  • League of Legends Skin Showcases
  • Gaming Moments Highlights videos
  • Community fan creation spotlights
  • Guest Posts
  • and much more!
We also have a GIVEAWAY planned! Once we have a lot of support (followers) we will be hosting a giveaway to celebrate! So spread the word, tell your friends and make this happen!

Where you can find us on the web:
E-mail: troagaming at gmail dot com

Thanks for reading! We hope to start entertaining you soon!

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